• Candidate registration
  • Course explanation
  • Why I should protect myself
  • Course objective
  • Stats

Laws and regulations

  • Employer, supervisor and worker responsibilities
  • Provincial and federal laws and regulations
  • Employer and worker obligations
  • Bill C-21


  • CSA Z94.4-11 (Choosing, using and maintaining protective respirators)
  • CSA Z180.1-1985 (Compressed breathing air)
  • NIOSH standard (Protective respirator masks management)

Module 1

  • Understanding effects on health
  • Anatomical defense explanation
  • Understanding the different forms of contaminants
  • Control methods

Module 2

  • Fit-test explained
  • Learning how to inspect your protective respirator
  • Protective respirators limitations and failures

Module 3

  • How to choose your protective respirator
  • Filter types and their usage explained
  • Mask types and their usage explained

Module 4

  • Learn hygiene rules
  • The different means of reduction
  • How to clean and store your respirator
  • Conclusion and exam