• Candidate registration
  • Course explanation
  • Course objective
  • Why lockout
  • Stats
  • Awareness photos and videos

Laws and regulations

  • Employer, supervisor and worker responsibilities
  • Provincial and federal laws and regulations
  • Employer and worker obligations
  • Bill C-21


  • CSA Z462-F12 (Electrical safety at work)
  • CSA Z460-13 (Dangerous energies control, lockout and other methods)

Course description

  • Understanding the lockout card (definition and use)
  • Learning how to recognize the different types of energies
  • Understanding lockouts and labelling
  • Learning the different lockout methods
  • Learning the content of a lockout plan
  • Learning how to apply the lockout method in 7 steps
  • View the different lockout procedures
  • Conclusion and exam